Nortel Norstar

Established more than a century ago, Nortel Networks has participated in major developments in the evolution of communications networks technology worldwide.

Nortel employees are currently delivering networking and communications services and infrastructure for customers in more than 150 countries, including established carriers, new network operators, leading wireless service providers and enterprises.

They spend $2.5 billion a year on industry-leading R&D, carried out by approximately 17,400 engineers, designers, scientists and other R&D employees at 31 sites around the world.

Leading change has always been Nortel Networks competitive strength. They have transformed and reinvented themselves countless times, changing from a pioneering telephone manufacturer supplying primarily the Canadian market to one of the world’s largest global providers of high-performance, intelligent, value-added Internet and advanced “carrier grade” data networks that provide the quality, scalability and reliability to serve as a new foundation for global communications.

The company that leapfrogged into global leadership in now in its fourth incarnation:

  • As Northern Electric and Manufacturing Company Limited, the name under which it was incorporated in 1895, the company made telephones, wind-up gramophones, and street call boxes for police and fire departments.
  • As Northern telecom Limited, the title it assumed in 1976, the company shook the telecommunications world by boldly declaring it would bet its future on digital technology, and then was first to produce a full line of digital communications equipment that set new standards for the industry.
  • As Nortel, the streamlined identity it adopted for its 100-year old anniversary in 1995, the company set out to dominate the burgeoning global market for public and private networks for communication, information, education, and commerce.
  • As Nortel Networks, the name that evolved after the 1998 acquisition of Bay Networks, the company swiftly reengineered itself into an Internet powerhouse, offering complete solutions for multi-protocol, multi-service, global networking.

Norstar / Product Overview

Every Norstar solution begins with an Integrated Communications System (ICS). This fully digital platform brings together all your communications – fax, email, computer, and telephone – right at your desktop. The size and communication needs of your business will help determine which system, the Compact ICS or Modular ICS, is best for you.

Compact ICS: The Compact ICS starts as a four line and eight phone capable system and can grow to a 16 line by 24 phone system.

Modular ICS: The Modular ICS core unit supports up to 32 telephones and can be expanded. Trunking quantity and type is determined by the trunk cards installed. The maximum capacity of the Modular ICS is 272 ports.

Whatever system you choose, every Norstar ICS offers these important advantages:

  • High bandwidth to the desktop – lets you use applications like ISDN and Computer-Telephony Integration without changing your existing wiring
  • Modular, scalable design – lets you choose the system that fits your needs today, and still be ready for the future. And, you can tailor your communication capabilities to your company’s changing needs simply by adding applications
  • Digital technology – creates a platform for current and future PC-based applications
  • Special software packages can distribute calls, track billable activity, and even generate reports on incoming and outgoing telephone calls
  • Outstanding quality – Norstar is one of the most durable and reliable systems available-with on of the lowest failure rates in the industry

Why Norstar

#1 MEDIUM-SIZE PHONE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD: Norstar is the number #1 Medium-system for business communications in the world. Over 15 million Norstar telephone sets have been delivered.

SOFTWARE CARTRIDGE: Upgrading the system is as easy as plugging in a new software cartridge. Other systems require expensive new PC Boards, and many times, hardware upgrades.

FULL FEATURED SYSTEM: What you would pay extra for with other systems, comes standard on the Norstar. Every telephone is equipped with a speakerphone, amplified handset, LCD display, and built-in headset jack.

RELIABILITY: Nortel manufactures its equipment to utility grade standards. This results in longevity for the system. As an example, there are certain components in the system that have an average life span of over 100 years.

USER PROGRAMMABLE: The Norstar is fully user-programmable. This means that whenever you want a change in your system you can do it immediately. It also ends those expensive on-site vendor service calls.

EASY-TO-USE: All Norstar phones use LCD menus to “prompt” the user step-by-step in using the phone.

AUTO SET RELOCATION: With other telephone systems when you want to move telephone instruments within the office, you must have the vendor out to make the change or be trained on some complex process. With the Norstar, you simply unplug the phone and move it to the new location and the system recognizes the new location.